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Why Data Protection Regulations Require a Watching Brief

Immediately post-Brexit, British data protection laws or the UK GDPR aligned with the EU GDPR. The current proposals being considered create deviations between the UK data protection requirements and EU GDPR. The goal of many of these proposed changes are to provide a more flexible and risk-based accountability framework. For example, removing requirements for organisations […]

An Analysis of Software Supply Chain Attacks – Part Two

A business needs to trust the authors of the software it uses. The business must trust the authors don’t add backdoor functionality into the software that would undermine their security, intentionally or unknowingly. A respectable business is not going to intentionally add a backdoor, so normal supplier selection processes will ensure the business is not […]

If you aren’t using a Zero Trust approach, are you really practicing security?

From a security and risk mitigation perspective you want an approach that is consistently effective, especially when a newly discovered vulnerability is being actively exploited.  However, the Log4J vulnerability renders virtually every website as potentially compromised.  This means that web security solutions that only rely on reverse DNS resolution, or IP reputation are ineffective – […]

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